e-Rx code is now G8553

June 11, 2010

Health care practitioners who are participating in the Medicare Electronic Prescribing Incentive Program should report e-prescribing on claims using CPT Code G8553, according to the AOA Third Party Center.

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) changed the e-prescribing code from G8443 when it issued rules for the 2010 Medicare program; however, many practitioners reportedly continue to use the old code.

Medicare claims cannot be amended to correct the use of incorrect e-Rx codes, the AOA Third Party Center notes.

However, health care practitioners need only report e-prescribing 25 times over the course of a year in order to earn Medicare’s 2 percent e-Rx percent bonus. With eight months left to report e-prescribing on claims during 2010, most practitioners who e-prescribe should still be able to report the measure enough times to earn a bonus this year, the AOA Third Party Center adds.

One comment

  1. Please explain the procedure for entering the G8553 code sequence. Should I enter with all the primary diagnosis codes attached or only the ones RX’s were written for and should I enter it as a procedure in the last line of each office visit. Example:
    99214—715.90, 722.83, 530.81, 300.00
    G8553— 715.90, 722.83 (only Rx written) or with all diag. matching.

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